Originally known as contamination growth in electron optical instruments, FEBIP has been studied since the early nineteen thirties. You can download a database with references to (nearly) all FEBIP articles since 1934. The database is in Microsoft Excel format and it also contains the list of precursors used for FEBIP. 

Download the database from here

Earlier Versions

2012 version

2008 version

Thanks to Willem van Dorp for providing this data!

Database tips:

  • You can use the Find function (ctrl-F) to search the data base (e.g. author names or page numbers of articles).
  • By selecting (ctrl-A) and sorting the data (Data->Sort), you can find all articles reporting on a specific precursor.

If you find that relevant articles are missing, please let us know. We do not feel responsible for errors in the references or for keeping the database up to date.

Recent Publications

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